STANDING FIRM - Love Mother Earth


I stand with the earth keepers. I stand with the water keepers. I stand with Standing Rock.

I stand with the gatekeepers. I stand with the two-leggeds, the four-leggeds and I even stand with the three-leggeds. I stand with the winged ones. I stand with the mountains. I stand with the trees. I stand with the rivers. I stand with the oceans. I stand with the people. I stand with ALL the people. I stand with the light bearers. I stand with the shadow dwellers. I stand with the wealthy.  I stand with the homeless. I stand with the hopeful. I stand with the lighthearted. I stand with the downtrodden.

I stand in this place, at the center of the the truth of my heart. And with my feet planted firmly on the ground, I breathe my prayers and love into the earth...

About The Song:
Love Mother Earth is one of the 12 songs on my newest album SOUL FEATHERS.  Produced by Thomas Barquee, the song has a vibration of love and healing, truly music for these times. Music has the power to move and motivate, soothe and uplift, and this "chant-scape" is intended to support the journey. The CD is available on my website, or you can download it at CD Baby and iTunes. You can listen to it now by clicking the bar above, or anytime on SoundCloud with all of my other songs. Thanks for listening and especially for sharing the music!

About The Video:
When my talented and creative husband Dimensional Fine Artist Patrick J. Murphy heard Love Mother Earth for the first time, he said, "That's an entire movie score!" And then he set out to create it ... Produced in time for Earth Day in 2015, the Love Mother Earth video is a visual love song.

About My Blog:
Soul Feathers - wisps of wisdom and tickles of truth, observations and offerings from my heart and music for the soul. We each have a part to play in this great movie, and mine is gently but consistently toss pebbles into the lake of humanity, and watch the ripples make waves.

By sharing my perspective, practical spirituality and positive music, it is my intention to release soul-nourishing pebbles in the sea of our emerging consciousness. By sharing this work with other like-minded and like-hearted friends, you become part of the wave.