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Neon words
I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about language and all the words we take for granted. And what I've noticed is how powerful they are when we step back from what we THINK they mean and look at them with fresh eyes.

For example, let's take the word "beautiful." Isn't it possible that it really means BE YOU TOO FULL, and the not-so-subtle message implied about being your fullest you?

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Flowers-and-Butterflies-clipart-desktop-theme-Wallpaper"Can you hear me, butterfly? 
I'm singing to you with my heart

Please take wing with all my dreams
 and let my future finally start…"

One fine summer day years when I still lived in New York, I received a phone call from a reporter requesting an interview with me for some work I was doing at that time.  We made an appointment to talk the next day. I hung up the phone and literally danced around the living room with glee. When I finally sat down to do some work, I was too nervous and excited to sit still – the butterflies in my stomach made concentrating impossible. I gave in and decided to spend an hour at the pool in my complex.

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Small_waves_1920x1200“Don’t worry if you’re making waves simply by being yourself. The moon does it all the time…”

I don’t know about you, but I learned really early how to be a “people pleaser” even if it meant not pleasing myself. It’s a very common trap…but one that ultimately does not serve us. What part of ourselves do we abandon when we don’t speak our truth?

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Waiting roomI had a thought-provoking experience yesterday while waiting for Patrick at the eye doctor. The waiting room was more crowded than usual, and most of the chairs faced a huge flat-screen TV loudly and relentlessly hawking a weight loss program in classic infomercial style.

Most of the people in the waiting room had their eyes glued to the program, with a glazed expression on their faces. To my dismay, I'd left my ear buds home so blocking out the noise was not an option.  I tried to escape into some word games on my phone, but was having trouble concentrating over the noise of the endless testimonials about the diet plan on the screen.



Cobweb"Like it or not, thoughts become things. Thinking a lot leads to all that it brings…"

Many spiritual teachers talk about the importance of emotions and how much power they have in our lives. I doubt I'm the only one who doesn't always know exactly what I'm feeling in the moment that I'm feeling it. My own inner work has been focused on being more aware in each moment, as feelings arise, so that I can make conscious decisions about what I am inviting into my life.

I can already hear the question forming about how I do it. Good question!

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As the first Presidential debate is capturing our attention and some people, regardless of their political leanings, might be feeling just a little bit anxious about how loud the noise is going to get before the actual election. 

Or maybe you aren't watching the debate because you're stuck in traffic...or still at the office...or dealing with cranky children...or couldn't care less. All you know is you're not having a happy time...

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It occurred to me this morning that when I’m on a walk, I have a choice every step of the way whether to be present or not. Today, the moment I shifted my gaze to the nature around me, EVERYTHING shifted. I felt the sun warming one side of me and a coolness on the other. I heard the birds and noticed the trees they were tweeting from. I saw clearly the mountains in the distance and a few tenacious clouds on an otherwise brilliant blue sky. I felt the perfect temperature coupled with the gentlest breeze. I relished in touching the smooth of eucalyptus bark and smelled the “spa-scent” of the leaves. I tasted the cool water in my bottle and allowed the fullness of the moment to ripple through me.

That’s when it hit me. When I’m THINKING, I am in my thoughts. My thoughts are not in the now – they are a constant commentary on every tiny detail of what happened and what MIGHT happen. When I bring my attention back to THIS moment, magic happens.

There is a reason the five senses are:

Nowhere on that list does it say: