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ON THE OTHER SIDE - The Story Behind the Song



"Nothing the heart gives away is gone… It is kept in the hearts of others." *

I'm back from taking some time to recover from yet another unutterably sad chapter as we buried my stepbrother Jeffrey last week, a mere four months after we buried his brother William. I can only believe they wanted to be together again, even if we are left with the tremendous holes in the fabric of our lives.

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You just never know how or why things happen the way they do. Or how a “random” encounter changes things forever. Or how you touch someone to the deepest part of them. The trick is to walk through life with open eyes and an open heart, noticing those moments knowing you were exactly where you were meant to be at the moment you were meant to be there.

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I learned a hard lesson yesterday about the difference between holding on and letting go.  It's a delicate dance that we face many times in our lives...maybe even many times a day. Every once in a while, something happens that's big enough to block our path and painful enough to want it behind us. My own lesson came in the form of my Inbox.

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MY PET PEEVES - A Rant for the Fashion Industry


You're probably not expecting a negative blog from me, but I've been silent long enough. There is a subject I've been stockpiling for a long time and it's a literately irritating me. Yup. I'm officially irritated by the fashion industry! Why? Because as fabrics have gotten softer, the threads that assemble the clothes have become cheaper...and VERY ITCHY!

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