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TAKE ME HOME - The Story Behind the Song


Oh, the unrest is getting VERY unrestful. On one side of the spectrum, the anger threatens to unmoor all of the progress humanity has made since our early, primitive beginnings. On the other side, there are more and more people recognizing that the outer noise is not the only reality…and it’s possible to tune it out by tuning in. And somewhere in the middle, the discomfort of the difference between the two sides has most of us bewildered and beleaguered.

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I've been spending a lot of time browsing art shows with Patrick recently, as he connects with collectors and galleries interested in his unique, multi-dimensional art.  And I've noticed something. Or should I say I've noticed everything - the seemingly endless ways humans express themselves in seemingly endless ways.

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WELCOME HOME - The Story Behind the Song


From time to time, I find myself writing chants - phrases set to music - to help me remember a particular message. I’d been thinking about the ideas that some of the great teachers of our time (Eckhardt Tolle, Wayne Dyer and Matt Kahn, to name a few) suggest to help us find our own way toward inner peace no matter what is going on around us.  This line came into my mind: “Be at peace where you are...wherever you are”

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When I was a yoga teacher in New York, one of the things I said many times was: “Yoga is not just something you practice once a week when you come to class. It’s a way of life that you can bring to every aspect of your day. The ‘goal’ of doing yoga is…doing yoga.” 

For me, that meant lengthening my spine and releasing my shoulders at every opportunity - in the car, at the grocery store, on a walk, and most importantly, at the table during a meal. (I have an old “pre-yoga” photo of me taken on a vacation in Costa Rica where every single part of my body is rounded and unconscious. While the scenery was beautiful and I was smiling broadly, I cringe when I see how I treated my body…)

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* Painting by Georgeanna Ireland

Valentines Day means many things to many people. For some, it's an opportunity to give and receive hugs, cards, flowers, chocolate (dark, please…) and maybe even breakfast in bed. For others, it might be a painful reminder that they are not in a relationship. (Oh, I so remember those days…) Now, for me, it has special significance. I had a delightful choice to make, and it seemed fitting for SOUL FEATHERS and Valentine's Day to share a celebration of love.

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Have you ever really, really wanted something only to find that in the having of it you were actually happier when you just wanted it? I could also call this blog "you don't know what you've got till it's gone…”  Surely, I can't be alone observing this phenomenon. I can almost hear you asking for some examples. I won't make you wait.

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ANGELS ARE DANCING - The Story Behind the Song


Shortly after I left my corporate life behind, I started using my music in healing settings. One Saturday afternoon, I was providing the music for a healing circle. At one point during the event, one of the healers whispered in my ear, “angels are dancing.” I got goosebumps (otherwise known as “spirit bumps”) all over. I’ve heard it said that spirit bumps mean that “something has touched the hem of truth.” Ohhhh! I loved that! The little phrase “angels are dancing” stuck in my head…and heart.

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We’re taught from a very early age not to feel, to push down what we’re really experiencing. We’re taught that only some of our emotions are acceptable. We’re taught to be nice and not angry, to be agreeable and not contrary, to be generous and not stingy, to be likeable and not cranky. While that might have gotten us praise from our parents, we actually learned how to ignore how we really feel and numb our emotions. It’s now time to get reacquainted with our innermost guidance – our emotions.