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There are so many ways to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. All it takes is a simple shift of awareness from the chatter in your head to a different voice, the voice of wisdom. It’s a quieter voice, sometimes barely heard beneath the din of constant stimulation bombarding us at every turn. But with a little bit of practice…and patience…you can learn to tune into a much more satisfying inner radio station.

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We all have within us a very reliable, powerful guidance system called emotions. And the truth is, there are really only two emotions – one feels good and one feels bad. Oh, sure – we call them all kinds of things. But really, you either feel good or bad. And therein is the guidance! When you are connected to your “inner knowing,” you can tell when you’re in alignment with your heart or out of alignment. Start paying more attention to how you feel. You’ll become aware that you are getting moment-to-moment information, 24/7. That’s when the perfect acronym revealed itself to me: GOD = Guidance On Demand

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We go through life, peering out from behind our eyes, like the view from a camera that sees only what is in front of it.  But there’s just as much (maybe even more) going on when you turn the camera around to look inside. It has been said that “inner space is as vast as outer space.” Wow.

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MOMENTS OF GRACE - The Story Behind the Song


Composer and Recording Artist Thomas Barquee

As my collaboration with Thomas Barquee continued to progress, we discovered more ways to work together that were not apparent when we first set out.  We became each other's muse for calling forth our best work, which in turn led us to surprising new directions. For me, it's like I was on a train, happily going along and enjoying the scenery. The train passed through a switching station and, though I didn't feel it happen, the train changed direction. I started to notice that the view from the window was quite different. Equally beautiful, just different.  Case in point: Moments of Grace

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