DANCE WITH ME, SPIRIT - The Story Behind the Song

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When the muse pays an unexpected visit, I’ve learned to open the door...

One morning after a really good yoga class, I went to my favorite cafe for a cup of coffee and time to contemplate. I was thinking about Spirit, the energy that animates everything. (Some say it’s our own breathing…) Suddenly, a lyric line tugged on my sleeve. It said:
Dance with me, Spirit, the music's begun

I set my coffee aside, took out a pen, and jotted down the line on a paper napkin. I got another tug:
Life is a dance that's supposed to be fun

My life was becoming more and more fun the deeper I waded into my spiritual nature. The next line of this little chant reflects that truth:
Now that I found you I see that we're One

And ultimately, I knew that the dance I do with my own spirit will accompany me for the rest of my life…
So dance, dance, dance until life is done

That's the whole chant. But I knew instinctively that asking some of my most musical friends (Maria Benedetta LoBalbo -aka Beddy Sinkoff, Lisa Jane Lipkin and John Guth) to record it with me would result in a joyous romp that would make letting that cup of coffee go cold totally worth it. Right I was!

Some weeks after I wrote it, I had a performance at an evening candle light service in a Unity Church in my area. Halfway into the chant after asking everyone to sing with me, much to my own surprise,  I heard myself say, "Everybody dance!" Suddenly the aisles were filled with happy dancing people, an image I will never forget. Even now, in my mind, we are all still dancing until life is done…

Dance With Me, Spirit

Dance With Me, Spirit is one of the songs on my first album TRANSITIONS - Music to Soothe the Soul.  Featuring John Guth, Maria Benedetta LoBalbo and Lisa Jane Lipkin, the song and the album are available on my website, or you can download it at CD Baby and iTunes. You can also listen to it - and ALL of my other music anytime - on SoundCloud.  Thanks for listening...and sharing!

Music & lyrics by Sandi Kimmel

Dance with me, Spirit - the music's begun!
Life is a dance that supposed to be fun.
Now that I found you I see that we're One -
So dance, dance, dance until life is done.

© 2000 S. Kimmel