RARE RAINY DAY - The Story Behind the Song




I am forever fascinated by the workings of the mind - mine and everyone else's.

Mine is hardly ever quiet. Though I've spent many years trying to learn how to think less and be more, I notice that I've learned how to notice when I'm thinking! That's when I noticed that most of the things that it chooses to think about are the very things that it has thought about at least a hundred times before. It is positively mind boggling to think about all of the different programs running simultaneously under the surface all of the time.

Sometimes my mind gives me bad information, or steers me away from something for my own good. Or so it says...

And sometimes, my mind is a trickster, playing games to get my attention, providing endless hours of possibilities that are outside the present moment.

Oh, our minds are so clever…

Just this morning, Patrick noticed that for some inexplicable reason, he was remembering all of the names of the people from a party we attended Saturday night. Yesterday, those same names eluded him.

I said, "They're just playing Hide & Seek with you!"

Patrick laughed and felt much better about it. That little shift changed his perspective.

So there's the suggestion. When your mind plays Hide & Seek with you, play back.