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Mourning a loved one takes both strength and softness, fortitude and surrender, emptiness and awareness. We all do it differently, and we are all correct in the way we do it. My own personal method includes staying alert and watching for signs. Sometimes a bird will make an emphatic appearance; a license plate on the car ahead of me at a stoplight delivers a specific message; an unexpected phone call arrives at just the right time. Or something really weird but absolutely unmistakable happens.

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RARE RAINY DAY - The Story Behind the Song


 One of the surest ways for me to anchor a concept in my subconscious is to write it into a song. There is something about the combination of the words, which are a left brain function, and the music which is a right brain function, that enable a message to sink in on a cellular level. I'd been thinking about the concepts of surrendering and trusting the flow to take me where I'm going.

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I am forever fascinated by the workings of the mind - mine and everyone else's.

Mine is hardly ever quiet. Though I've spent many years trying to learn how to think less and be more, I notice that I've learned how to notice when I'm thinking! That's when I noticed that most of the things that it chooses to think about are the very things that it has thought about at least a hundred times before. It is positively mind boggling to think about all of the different programs running simultaneously under the surface all of the time.

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July is filled with obstacles to navigate. How can such a beautiful summer be so painful? One year ago today, I received a phone call from my dear step sister Leslie telling me that my step brother William had taken his own life. In that moment, the world seemed not as colorful. Then, as fate would have it, my other step brother, Jeffrey passed away four short months after Bill, only 10 days after being diagnosed with acute leukemia. Later this week would have been his birthday.

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One of the best parts of marrying Patrick is the joy of  being part of the lives of his family, including grandchildren Samantha and Jack. Now 15 and 12, we don't see them as much as we did when they were younger. And we were all looking forward to our special date to go to the San Diego County Fair on what was sure to be a lovely summer day!

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ALL THERE IS - The Story Behind the Song


Once in a while (though not very often), I get a call or an email from a non--songwriting friend with  lyrics they wrote spontaneously and were asked to give them to me. The first time was in 2000 when Ann Marie B.W. Sawicki gave me the lyrics to Where Is The Light? (The song is on my first album, TRANSITIONS - Music to Soothe the Soul, available to download on iTunes and CD Baby.)  Some years later, I got a note from another friend who wrote on behalf of her husband, Kadar Weyrick. He suddenly had the urge to write lyrics for the first time in his life. When he asked his higher self what he should do with them, he got a clear response: "Give them to Sandi Kimmel." And so he did.

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