DANCE WITH ME, SPIRIT - The Story Behind the Song
IT’S ABOUT JOY - The Story Behind the Song



These blisteringly hot days have given me an opportunity to cultivate a new spiritual practice...

We are lucky to have access to a neighborhood pool just a few minutes drive from our house. It is clean, well-maintained and large enough to swim laps. The only problem is that when the temperature reaches 100 degrees, I'm not the only one who thinks it might be nice to cool off.

Yesterday was one of those scorchers. I waited until four o'clock to head over there, thinking that it wouldn't be as crowded late in the afternoon. Wrong! The pool was filled with people, rafts, beach balls and a variety of other pool toys that made swimming even one lap impossible. There were too many kids jumping and splashing to even find a little corner to tread water. I felt defeated, irritated and frustrated.

I spread my towel on the lounge chair, and even though it wasn't near the side of the pool, I was still getting splashed because the kids were having a cannonball competition. I was not a happy camper, to say the least.

As I sat there considering my options, I closed my eyes. I heard the laughter and the shouting of the throngs of kids. Then I felt myself make a shift as I heard my own inner child, laughing and shouting, jumping in the water in a cannonball and having a great summer afternoon.

Then I smiled. Now, instead of wanting them to behave a certain way so that I could have some peace and quiet, I allowed myself to be infused with THEIR joy, THEIR glee, THEIR summer vacation. It called to mind all of the sweet summers of my childhood, and I felt my frustration melt away in the Southern California heat.

It's a hot day today too, but I'm no longer worried that the pool will be too crowded or too noisy for my taste. I now know that I carry the pleasure within me, wherever I lay my towel...