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Pine cones

Pine cones and pears. Mindfulness. The magical world of our inner child.
Have you ever watched a toddler outside? Everything is fascinating! Whether it's a pine cone or bottle cap, flower or weed. Some mornings, I sit in our front room and watch our 18-month old neighbor Delaney with her young mom as they walk through the neighborhood. Delaney has to smell each flower, and examine each and every thing that catches her eye. And after all, since she's so small, her eyes are close to the ground where myriad treasures await her discovery.

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MOMENTS OF GRACE - The Story Behind the New CD!


I am thrilled and proud to announce Thomas Barquee's new album, Moments of Grace, is now available on CD or downloadable as MP3s. This collection of heart-opening and healing songs offer the spontaneity of jazz, the power of prayer and the vibration of sacred music, Thomas's soothing yet powerful voice and sure, easy touch on the piano create deeply healing musical environments that nourish the soul and lighten the spirit, guiding us toward a deeper, calmer, lighter place within. These are the some of the songs we've written together, sweetened with a few chants and a couple of instrumentals. The results are seamless and intricate musical meditations to support you on your journey to awakening.

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UNSUNG HEROES -The Story Behind the Song


I'd been asked to sing at an event for Special Needs kids and their families on a hot June day. The children were enjoying some Track & Field events, while their parents were treated to a lovely lunch under the shade of a large tent. Sounds of laughter and the kids enjoying their activities in the background were matched by the buzz from the animated conversations around the tables.  As I waited to take the stage, I looked out into the audience and thought about the enormous task of caregiving for a Special Needs child, day after day after day. Then I thought about all of the people I know who are now caring for their aging parents. The phrase "unsung heroes" came into my mind, and I knew that it would be the title of a song yet to be written.

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I am sharing this post remotely from Florida where I am celebrating my dad's 90th birthday! So it will be short and sweet...

If you haven't heard my most recent album, SOUL FEATHERS, fear not. You can listen to a 2-minute sprint through all of the songs! Thomas Barquee, my wonderful producer, put together this sampler to tease you into wanting to hear more! 

SOUL FEATHERS is available on my website, or you can download it at CD Baby and iTunes. You can also listen to it - and ALL of my other music anytime - on SoundCloud.

Oh! And have I mentioned that Thomas launched his beautiful new website with information on his new album, MOMENTS OF GRACE and the Moments of Grace Tour beginning in just a few short weeks in Portland? When you visit his website, you'll get two free downloads of his new songs, and watch the music video of the title song that we co-wrote. There's more information about his tour at Brightstar Events website.

Click here to listen to the SOUL FEATHERS SAMPLER




     "If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito." - Dalai  Lama  XVI

You might remember that early in the summer I was grousing about the ratio of kids to pool toys in our neighborhood pool. (Here's that blog, in case you missed it:  At the time, I could hardly wait for school to begin again so that I could have some peace and quiet to swim my laps. And while I felt badly for Southern California children when I learned that their school year began on August 10, I will freely admit to feeling gleeful about the pool.

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HIP HIP HOORAY (Sophia's Song) - The Story Behind The Song


It has been said that everyone is born with their own unique song. If we're lucky, we know our own song spontaneously and sing it to ourselves when we need soothing or energizing. But for many of us, our inner music was stifled in much the same way our inner artist and inner dancer were stifled - by a well-meaning parent or not-so-well meaning teacher.

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