MOMENTS OF GRACE - The Story Behind the New CD!


I am thrilled and proud to announce Thomas Barquee's new album, Moments of Grace, is now available on CD or downloadable as MP3s. This collection of heart-opening and healing songs offer the spontaneity of jazz, the power of prayer and the vibration of sacred music, Thomas's soothing yet powerful voice and sure, easy touch on the piano create deeply healing musical environments that nourish the soul and lighten the spirit, guiding us toward a deeper, calmer, lighter place within. These are the some of the songs we've written together, sweetened with a few chants and a couple of instrumentals. The results are seamless and intricate musical meditations to support you on your journey to awakening.

Widely-acclaimed as a producer, Thomas is largely responsible for the popularity of many world sacred music artists including Sanatam Kaur, GuruGanesha, Ashana and many, many others. Thomas and I have been songwriting partners since he produced my most recent album, Soul Feathers in 2014.

        "All of the beautiful songs that touched my heart and inspired me have one thing in common - Thomas was the producer. He is creating magic.  I do believe that without him, the world of spiritual music wouldn't be the same." - Renee Sunbird

Thomas and I have an easy flow in our collaboration, and bring our most authentic (and vulnerable) selves to the songwriting. It's a new role for me to be solely the lyricist without also writing the music and singing, but I trust the process...and Thomas.  After our first eight or nine songs, Thomas was composing the lyrics I'd sent him for a new song, "Moments of Grace.” At some point in his process with the music, he felt drawn to take the work in a new direction. For years, he had been toying around with the idea of recording, in one take, his piano and an intuitive approach to the melody. So he went into the studio and pressed Record, played and sang the song in one take, and then hit Stop.

With his beautiful voice and ease on the piano, Thomas created Moments of Grace like a prayer to the Universe. His heart led him to simplify to the bare essence of the words, and when I heard him sing it for the first time, the feeling that ran through me felt like a hug from the Divine. It was unique, spontaneous and unlike anything I'd ever heard before. In that moment, I understood this new direction and started to imagine the possibilities. He was excited too, and we were soon off and running!

The floodgates opened and new lyrics came in a rush. Thomas kept writing exquisite music which then spurred me on to write more lyrics. (It is indeed a divine partnership.) All recorded in one take, the songs blend his greatest gifts - as a musician, as a composer and as a singer. His voice and piano deliver the lyrics in a deeply healing and profound way that is both soothing and enlivening to accompany the listener to the center of their being.

Together, we write music that is peaceful and nourishing, not tied to any religious format or yoga practice-based language. The songs embrace pop-song structures while at the same time, deliver the depth and energy of a sacred music or classical concert.

        "Thomas was born to sing Sandi's words." - Lainie Goldstein

The part of Thomas that enjoyed his early success as a recording artist and performer in Europe quietly waited for the inner call to return to the stage. Excited about this new concept, he thought about ways to perform live and in-the-moment with our songs to coincide with the release of the new album. Thomas goes on tour next month, bringing the music out into the world, starting in Portland Oregon on Saturday, October 8, making his way down the West Coast throughout October and November, with a last show in Encinitas on November 19.

        "Words fail me…Thomas transports the soul to where it yearns to be."  - Linda Russell

Thomas and I both value the healing power of music and know that it speaks the language of the soul. It is our intention for our music to be of service to humanity during this time of great change. It's time for  Moments of Grace.

If not now, when?


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Thank you so much for sharing the music and the love…

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