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Patrick planted our fig tree 14 years ago from a cutting of a tree that had followed him from Los Angeles. Now in its full glorious height and girth, the tree is the main attraction of our backyard, providing welcome shade and delicious and abundant fruit in the summer, and an enormous shower of leaves in the fall. 

Years ago, I’d rake them up once or twice and be done with the task. As the years marched on, so did the number of fig leaves falling in our yard. Huge yellow leaves skipped in the wind, landing on bushes and branches and the earth below, curling over time into tight brown fists. Raking them up takes sweat…and a LOT of room in the green recycling bin.

This year, I hit on a different way of handling the task and found not only is it much easier, it’s a great metaphor for life. My new method consists of keeping a bucket outside, right next to a “grabber” or “reacher.” From time to time throughout the day, whether I’m taking a break from my desk, chatting on the phone or procrastinating, I pick up whatever leaves have fallen and put them in the bucket. When the bucket gets full, I empty it and start again.

What a change! The task is not overwhelming. On the contrary, it’s invigorating. A little at a time. Inch by inch. Day by day. Leaf by leaf. Breath by breath. Moment by moment.

One day at a time, following my footsteps
One step at a time, following my dreams
One dream at a time, the journey is unfolding
Here before my eyes, here before my eyes...

One Day At A Time

One Day At A Time is on my second album,  MUSIC IN MY SOUL.  Featuring John Guth,  One Day At A Time is available on my website Sandi or for download at CD Baby and iTunes.   Please visit my website to learn more about me and my music.  You can listen to One Day At A Time and all of my other songs anytime on SoundCloud. Thank you for listening and especially for sharing!

Words & music by Sandi Kimmel

One day at a time
Following my footsteps.
One step at a time
Following my dreams.
One dream at a time
The journey is unfolding
Here before my eyes.

Out here on a limb
With no net except within
I sing my deepest darkest fears away.


And I trust in the fullness of time
To reveal all I need to know.
It's faith when the going gets rough
And the way goes so slow.


Moving through the pain
Time and time again
I let my music be the way I pray.

And I trust in the fullness of time
And believe that the way is clear.
And its faith when I can't find the light
And the shadows appear.


© 2002 S. Kimmel

About My Blog:
Soul Feathers - wisps of wisdom and tickles of truth, observations and offerings from my heart and music for the soul. We each have a part to play in this great movie, and mine is gently but consistently toss pebbles into the lake of humanity, and watch the ripples make waves.

Soul Feathers is also the name of the album I recorded with producer Thomas Barquee. He artfully elevated the music to a high vibration of love and healing, truly music for these times. Music has the power to move and motivate, soothe and uplift, and these songs and chants support the journey as the music reflects my own journey.

By sharing my perspective, practical spirituality and positive music, it is my intention to release soul-nourishing pebbles in the sea of our emerging consciousness. By sharing this work with other like-minded and like-hearted friends, you become part of the wave.