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HO, HO, HO! And Other Holiday Stress Relievers


Are you feeling the quickening of time as we zoom into the holidays?  I know I am…so I came up with some simple tips for a stress-free holiday season. (OK…in all honesty, there will still be a little stress. But that means you are a fully engaged active participant in this slightly frenetic time of the year!) Help is on the way!

You know the story…whatever you celebrate, there are gifts to buy (or make) and cookies to bake (or eat), cards to mail (or email) and tinsel to toss. Oh yes…and fun to be had. But how? Between the shopping and the prepping, many of us aren’t feeling very jolly by the time the holidays roll around. Try these simple tips to keep your spirits up and find some peace of mind, too!

Tips For Holiday Shopping
Be present…don’t just buy them.
- Smile at everyone, especially salespeople and cashiers. You’ll be surprised (and delighted) at how many smiles you get back in return.
- See the magic of the season through the eyes of a child.
- Give freely. Allow your heart to open.
- Be sure to rest. Build in quiet time for yourself.
- Don’t forget to treat YOU to something nice for doing all the shopping! (Did someone say Peppermint Mocha Latte?)

Tips for Holiday Preparations
- Plan ahead, but leave room for spontaneity.
- Delegate, delegate, delegate!
- Do whatever you’re doing with your full attention and awareness on the task.
- Breathe deeply…and often.

Tips for Celebrating
- Create a new family tradition.
- Sing.
- Let go of your expectations. Only Hallmark has Hallmark holidays…
- Go with the flow - don’t make rules of schedules.
- Try a buffet instead of a sit-down dinner.
- Go only to those parties you truly want to attend.
- Celebrate…don’t aggravate.

And last…but not least, spend some time saying “Ho Ho Ho” out loud! Think of it as a non-sectarian mantra that's great for your digestive system (you can actually feel it working) and it’s wonderfully therapeutic. Santa knows his stuff…

And then, simply count your blessings, even the ones you can't see right now. Enjoy basking in gratitude and appreciation. Breathe in, breathe out. Ahh...

Congratulations. You are now ready to appreciate this holiday season, open and present, and filled with love!  May your days be Merry & Bright!!

Unseen Blessings

Unseen Blessings is on my third album, REACH UP.  Featuring John Guth,  Unseen Blessings is available on my website Sandi or for download at CD Baby and iTunes.   Please visit my website to learn more about me and my music.  You can listen to Unseen Blessings and all of my other songs from my 4 albums anytime on SoundCloud. Thank you for listening and especially for sharing!

Words & music by Sandi Kimmel

Thank you for the day before me
And the one behind.
I believe you do adore me
Body, soul and mind.
Thank you for a thousand things
Each and every day.
Thank you for the unseen blessings
Already on their way.

© 2001 S. Kimmel