HO, HO, HO! And Other Holiday Stress Relievers

WISHES & WARMTH - Shine Your Light


Whatever you celebrate, know that we are all connected during this sacred season! Shine Your Light in every direction. It is needed everywhere!

And when all the shopping and chopping and prepping and wrapping and baking and eating and celebrating are behind us, let's remember that the nights are still long and dark, and the world needs light now more than ever. What can you do? Shine yours. Everywhere. At everyone. Anytime. Always...

Blessings & love to you!

Shine Your Light

You can let this chant worm its way into your ears to remind you how important your light is to the whole. Truly, it is.

My singing partner for this a cappella chant is the incomparable songbird Lisa Jane Lipkin whose light shines all the way from NY to CA...and beyond!


About My Blog:
Soul Feathers - wisps of wisdom and tickles of truth, observations and offerings from my heart and music for the soul. We each have a part to play in this great movie, and mine is gently but consistently toss pebbles into the lake of humanity, and watch the ripples make waves.

Soul Feathers is also the name of the album I recorded with producer Thomas Barquee. He artfully elevated the music to a high vibration of love and healing, truly music for these times. Music has the power to move and motivate, soothe and uplift, and these songs and chants support the journey as the music reflects my own journey.

By sharing my perspective, practical spirituality and positive music, it is my intention to release soul-nourishing pebbles in the sea of our emerging consciousness. By sharing this work with other like-minded and like-hearted friends, you become part of the wave.

Thank you for listening and especially for sharing!