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SPIRIT IS CALLING - The Story Behind the Song

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One of my greatest honors as a music healer was being part of the Care Team for a wonderful woman who’d suffered a massive stroke. Her very wise daughter knew that music could help her mom, Joan, regain her rhythm while she re-learned how to walk. But even more important was lifting Joan’s spirits so she wouldn’t give up on the long road ahead.

Every Tuesday afternoon, I’d pack my guitar into the car and head to Joan’s house for the weekly Sing Session. She’d taken to inviting friends to join us, and nothing thrilled me more than to hear her voice getting stronger each week, singing my songs with me.

But one Tuesday, I wasn’t feeling great. I was tired and grumpy and the last thing I felt like doing was go to Joan’s for our session. My friend Susan happened to call as the hour approached, and I found myself telling her my tale of woe.

She reminded me that music healing works both ways – that not only will Joan feel better for singing, so will I. And then she said, “Besides, you have to go. Spirit is calling.” I got tingles all over. I knew she was right.

I hung up the phone, wrote down those three magic words, and the song came through shortly thereafter…

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Music & lyrics by Sandi Kimmel


Spirit is calling,

Spirit is calling,

Spirit is calling

And I hear the call.

I walked a different road with a pebble in my shoe

What it was I did was not what I was meant to do.

Now I understand I’m supposed to follow you.

Spirit is calling…

And I sang a different song but the words did not ring true

The music in my soul just wasn’t coming through.

Now I understand I’m supposed to sing with you.

Spirit is calling…

I thought I was alone now I feel your presence everywhere       

Since the day I looked up and also looked within

In prayer You were there.

Now I live a different life getting guidance from above

Letting any fear I have fly with the nearest dove

Now I understand that my true heart-song is love.

Spirit is calling,

Spirit is calling,

Spirit is calling

And I hear the call

And I hear the call.

© 1999 S. Kimmel