98034741_10220183807518482_2015201498551549952_oAs the days and weeks continue to go by at breakneck speed and painfully slowly, I find myself paying closer attention to my thoughts - the fears and worries, as well as the wonder and awe. These are mighty powerful waves we’re all surfing together, and the sound of the surf can be deafening at times and soothing at others.

Yup. I feel all kinds of ways about where...and how...we are these days. Our little ship of humanity is being tossed about, and even though I’ve spent years developing my sea-legs, keeping my balance has become a full-time job.

First, some of the positive observations because I always like to start with good news.
Less traffic
Fewer robocalls
Bluer skies
More time to strengthen my spiritual muscles
Cooking new recipes
Finding my own natural rhythm

On the other side of the scale, I miss:
Seeing my friends
Visiting my mom
Dining out
The beach
Hundreds of little things I took for granted

And then there is the subject of masks, fraught with political overtones and physical discomfort. I’m happy to report that I discovered, quite by accident, a neat little trick to make wearing one a mask little more pleasant. Snip a few sprigs of rosemary and tuck them into the pocket of the mask. Ahh! Personally, I love the strong scent of the rosemary, and it’s known to have properties to stimulate the brain. (Believe me, my brain welcomes the stimulation!) Further experimentation led me to lavender, jasmine and honeysuckle, all of which are better than none.

I’ve also made an odd observation when I wear my mask to do some grocery shopping and wonder if I’m the only one with this particular affliction. In my pre-mask days, I went to the store with a few items on a list and then wandered the aisles picking up other assorted items, needed or not. Entire meals evolved around an unusual item I'd found, or maybe I’d even spot something I forgot to put on the list but really needed.

Nowadays, when I get inside the store, if I don’t have everything clearly written out on a list, I’m likely to forget EVERYTHING, even if I needed it. It’s as if one of my circuits switched off as soon as I put on my mask. It's the strangest feeling. Do you notice that happening to you too? Please please please, tell me I’m not alone...

I also find myself wondering about the people who feel justified and self-righteous not wearing a mask. Are they the same people who drink and drive? Or don’t wear a seat belt? Or leave their shoes and shirt outside the restaurant that clearly states that people without them won’t be served? Why are some of the measures we take for the good of all acceptable but this one short-term measure has become a political hot potato?

This next part has nothing to do with masks, but it is relevant for these strange times. Now that I have all this TIME not seeing friends and not going shopping, I feel like I "should" be a lot more productive. Like writing a musical (finally) or writing a great book. Or clean out the closets. Or (heaven forbid!) the garage. But I can't seem to hit "kickstarter" to get started. Again, am I the only one? (Again, please tell me I'm not alone...)

So for now, day by day, I’m still walking that middle line, doing my best to not be fearful while not being stupid either. These days, I trust my own inner guidance more than I trust anything I read, watch or hear. I know that there are really only two ways to feel - one feels good and one feels bad. If it feels bad, I know it can’t be from the benevolent Universe I have come to trust. I now really understand, thanks to Deva Premal, that that the opposite of fear isn’t love, as we’ve been taught. The opposite of fear is TRUST. One day at a time. One step at a time. One mask at a time…

For some musical accompaniment for the above, here's my song One Day At A Time because the only way out is through...

The awesome illustration at the top is by my friend Judy Clement Wall, self-proclaimed Artist. Illustrator. Author. Love Warrior. You can see more of her whimsical wisdom, including FREE downloadable coloring pages to soothe during these times at https://judyclementwall.com/