In my mind’s eye, I’m floating down a river in a canoe, watching the world go by in a blur of summer colors. Lucky for me, my brain doesn’t know if that’s a memory or a fantasy or my present moment experience. In fact, just thinking about that is like a mini-summer vacation.

In these long days of staying-mostly-at-home-doing-mostly-nothing, it’s the perfect time to begin the process of letting go of our attachments and expectations about how it used to be. This is how it is now, and we must have signed up to be here now because...well, here we are. And humanity as a whole is being asked to grow, to stretch, to evolve our consciousness and expand our hearts. Every single one of us.

How’s it going for you? If you're anything like me, you have a running commentary humming along constantly, from first thing in the morning to the last thing before sleep. This is the perfect time to turn down the volume and tune within. Are you ready to knock softly on your inner door to see if there’s a quiet moment waiting inside? There are hundreds of ways to knock, and answering is richly rewarding.

The loudest knock is meditation, and it’s also the quietest practice. It’s the relief from the relentless noise, online and offline, inside and outside, within and without. The inhalation and the exhalation. It’s as simple as that. Breathe… (Ha! I never realized the words meditate and medicate have only one different letter!)

Fortunately and coincidentally, the technology exists to support people learning how to meditate. There are now excellent apps offering hundreds of guided meditations with world-renowned teachers and lots of types of music. Including mine.

I am super-excited to announce that 11 of my songs are now available on the awesome meditation app called Insight Timer, the #1 app for sleep, anxiety and stress. You can find my music here on the app.

There are 45,000 guided meditation and music tracks available for free! The number of offerings is truly staggering! From Learning How to Meditate to help on establishing a routine, the app also keeps track of your progress as a meditator each day. And, of course, there's a way to Rate and Comment on everything and everyone.

For example, someone from  said this after listening to Just For Today: "This was a cool, refreshing mojito for my overheated mind today. Thank you." And my favorite comment on May I? "Such a lovely song. I will sing this with my granddaughter during our meditation time together ❤. Thank you for sharing. Peace and blessings to you." There's plenty of room for many more comments...

I hope you’ll check out the app, listen to some of my music, find a nice, short meditation and I’ll meet you at the top of the river so we can float down together…-


* Image of Lazy Summer Stream by Dimensional Fine Artist, Patrick J. Murphy