Isn’t it incredible how quickly life as we knew it changed into something completely new? I am absolutely gob-smacked at the resilience of Americans. Suddenly, we all keep our social distance when we absolutely have to leave the house. When we get to the store, it’s already been laid out with markers every 6 feet to keep safe the orderly lines waiting their turn to get in or to pay. New signs have sprouted up everywhere proclaiming Take Out and Delivery options available at our local eateries. And we all have a sense we are part of something even bigger than we can imagine.

Most days, if we are not lucky enough to still have a job, we are home, safe in our sanctuaries to choose what we wish to do next. Granted, the choices are limited and getting kind of old…but we are ever-resilient and find ways to amuse ourselves. Sometimes, we even amuse the world with a video gone viral. But mostly, we’ve gotten really really quiet now that there’s no traffic sounds or air traffic overhead.

And overnight, we started wearing masks. Masks that cover up the mask we USUALLY wear when we are in public. Now, all that’s left to communicate are our eyes. Have you noticed that when you’re out and about in the world, no one makes eye contact anymore. They peer out from behind their homemade mask and dip their heads down or away from you.

Which leads me to the realization that SEEING each other just got a whole lot harder. We’ve become largely invisible as we move through the aisles, avoiding contact.

I’ve always been the one who smiles at strangers. No one can see me now, and as a result, I’ve gotten very serious when I’m out in the world. Focused. Anonymous.

I started thinking about it…and I realized that to be kind, it becomes necessary to just BE kind without expressing it through eyes or smile. In other words, I need to ramp up my energy field. It’s the perfect time to strengthen compassion from the inside out, to send the energy of kindness to people we see without seeing. The rippling out of kindness goes much further than a smile, like a pebble in a pond.

We are all needing more love, more contact, more kindness, more hugs. I’ve included the Angel Hug here, a technique taught to me by an angel during a time I needed a hug but lived alone. It's from our little handbook, HEART WIDE OPEN - Self-Care for Caregivers. Over the years, it has soothed me…and millions of other people. Today, may it soothe you…

Angel Hug

The 5 C's of COVID-19


This sure is a time! Wherever you are, you are certainly in a different place than you were just a few short weeks ago. How are you spending these days? Are you hole-ing up or WHOLE-ing up? The choice is yours...

I’m not Pollyanna, but I believe there are more silver linings than there are clouds. So I’ve come up with the 5 Cs of Covid-19, each one its own silver lining:

Now is such a great time to reach out and get in touch with people with whom you might have lost touch - old camp friends, relatives, neighbors. We are all feeling isolated, but we don’t have to be.

Have you noticed how amazing is it that we have the technology right now to SEE each other through our phones and computer screens? For example, I attended a virtual birthday party the other day…and my book group had our regular meeting on Zoom. My husband Patrick and I join a Facebook Live meditation every day…along with thousands of other people from all over the world! We are more connected than ever. 

And honestly, if it weren’t for FaceTime, I would be SO worried about my 92-year-old mom who has been confined to her small apartment in a senior residence for the past 3 weeks. It’s great to SEE her everyday. I’ve even taken her on an evening walk with Patrick and our cat Toesy who likes to walk around the block with us. (We call him our “puppy-cat”.) Mom felt so refreshed afterwards, like she’d explored our neighborhood too!
And it’s an even better time to get in touch with yourself…which leads me to the next C…


Who are you when you’re not busy DO-ing. How do you BE?

We are so identified with what we DO, this pause in our lives might feel awkward. Be-ing isn’t easy, especially in a society that seems to only value do-ing. But its rewards are enormous. Clarity. Calm. Equanimity. Ease. Balance. Inner peace. Sound good? It is. And there are many ways to “practice” being - meditation, yoga, tai chi, doodling, soaking in a warm tub, sitting in the garden, listening to music, cloud gazing, rubbing your dog’s belly, cooking a meal with love, spending quality time with YOU. Any or all of these ways, and many more possibilities beckon. 

If you’ve ever thought about meditation, this is the perfect time to learn. When you go within, it doesn’t matter what is happening without.

So go inside…see who’s in there, waiting for this opportunity to delight you… You might find an artist just waiting for a piece of blank paper. Yes, the next C is…


Have you noticed how Covid-19 has opened up endless ways to be creative? I have never seen funnier, more clever, more thoughtful expressions of the human spirit. 

I first became aware of the amazing unlimited variety of creative expression at an art festival at a gourd farm. Yes, you heard that right…a farm that only grows gourds. Fat ones, skinny ones, flat ones, tall ones…hundreds of shapes and sizes. 

Gourd artists flocked to this festival to buy supplies and show their art. I was amazed at how each artist approached the gourd - some used its shape to dictate the piece, like a gourd with a long neck became a swan. Others imposed their art onto the gourd with painting, scraping or adorning it. Still others carved the space around their picture so that the negative space became the art. 

And so it is with us. We can each approach these long days at home with fresh ideas on how to fill them.

When we make the shift from fear to just noticing that in this moment, we’re fine…we get to actually experience this moment instead of giving it away thinking about something we are worried about. 

I know, I know…not so easy these days where the drumbeat of fear is louder than our own beating hearts… For me, I have to come back to the moment a million times a day right now. If it isn’t MY fear, I am also tapping into the collective fear. Aren’t we all…

But how’s this for a shift of perspective? Instead of thinking of it at “stuck at home,” think of it as “safe at home.” What a difference a word makes… This way, we are taking CARE of ourselves and others instead of resenting sheltering in place. Yup. The next C is…


How are you caring for yourself during this time? There are SO many ways to do that! I’m just going to touch on a few…
Can you use this dramatic pause to take a closer look at what you now have time to change in your life? What habits no longer serve you? What have you been wanting to do but didn’t have time to get started? Are you noticing your relationships are shifting? What about your relationship with you??

Are you using the healing power of nature every day? If you can get outside, enjoy the air, the sky, the birds… And even if you can’t leave your quarantine even for a walk, there are wonderful virtual tours online of just about everything including the National Parks. I even saw a virtual tour of Ireland…it’s the next best thing to being there…

And there are hundreds of books to download, Broadway shows to enjoy, films from the Library of Congress to watch, yoga classes, art projects, dance tracks… I don’t know about you, but these days are going SO FAST with all there is to do!

See if you can take time every day to look at all the positives coming out of this period - kindness is even more contagious than the virus if you give it freely and often. There are SO many tiny moments - a smile behind a mask, a chalk drawing on the sidewalk, families walking together with or without a dog…

We are all in this together. Which leads me to the last C…


What a perfect time this is to connect to your heart and breathe into its nourishment. Take it in…let it grow…and share the deepening with everyone you see/email/FaceTime/text/think about. We ARE all Connected. So now you can decide whether you are “hole-ing up”…or “whole-ing up?” The Choice is ours about whether to be in fear or in love. I’m sure you know by now that I choose Love. And I suspect you do too…

“Love is the freedom, Love is the way
Love is a choice that we make every day
Love is the answer to every fear
Love is the reason we’re here…Love is the reason we’re here…”

Click here to Listen:

Click here to celebrate our beautiful planet with a video and song "Love Mother Earth":

And above all, take care of you...



SPIRIT IS CALLING - The Story Behind the Song

Spirit callingforposting

One of my greatest honors as a music healer was being part of the Care Team for a wonderful woman who’d suffered a massive stroke. Her very wise daughter knew that music could help her mom, Joan, regain her rhythm while she re-learned how to walk. But even more important was lifting Joan’s spirits so she wouldn’t give up on the long road ahead.

Every Tuesday afternoon, I’d pack my guitar into the car and head to Joan’s house for the weekly Sing Session. She’d taken to inviting friends to join us, and nothing thrilled me more than to hear her voice getting stronger each week, singing my songs with me.

But one Tuesday, I wasn’t feeling great. I was tired and grumpy and the last thing I felt like doing was go to Joan’s for our session. My friend Susan happened to call as the hour approached, and I found myself telling her my tale of woe.

She reminded me that music healing works both ways – that not only will Joan feel better for singing, so will I. And then she said, “Besides, you have to go. Spirit is calling.” I got tingles all over. I knew she was right.

I hung up the phone, wrote down those three magic words, and the song came through shortly thereafter…

Click here to listen:


Music & lyrics by Sandi Kimmel


Spirit is calling,

Spirit is calling,

Spirit is calling

And I hear the call.

I walked a different road with a pebble in my shoe

What it was I did was not what I was meant to do.

Now I understand I’m supposed to follow you.

Spirit is calling…

And I sang a different song but the words did not ring true

The music in my soul just wasn’t coming through.

Now I understand I’m supposed to sing with you.

Spirit is calling…

I thought I was alone now I feel your presence everywhere       

Since the day I looked up and also looked within

In prayer You were there.

Now I live a different life getting guidance from above

Letting any fear I have fly with the nearest dove

Now I understand that my true heart-song is love.

Spirit is calling,

Spirit is calling,

Spirit is calling

And I hear the call

And I hear the call.

© 1999 S. Kimmel


ANCESTORS & ANGELS - The Story Behind the Song


Let me start with an apology. It's been quite a while since my last blog. But that doesn't mean I don't have a lot to say... I always do! And quietly, behind the scenes, I've been working on a book with my friend/creative partner Robbie Adkins. You may remember that Robbie and I launched our new venture, Fresh Light, late last year with beautiful art prints, decorative pillows and a whole lot of love. You can see everything on our Shopify Store here.

Now we're on to our next project - a much-requested collection of ALL of my lyrics and the stories behind the songs. Robbie will be doing some illustrations and laying out the book in a user-friendly fashion.  As I work on the project, I come across songs that I've not shared here before. So consider these posts a "sneak preview" of the book to come.

ANCESTORS & ANGELS - The Story Behind the Song

I had just finished reading about the role of our ancestors in our current life journey and I started thinking about the role they might play now in mine. I combed through my family tree for clues.

Since both of my parents were only children, I didn’t have cousins or aunts or uncles. But there were always older relatives doting on me and my brother during holidays and special occasions.

First, I thought of my Great-Aunt Mary, my grandfather’s twin. She had an amazing voice that I only remember hearing once. It was my 7th birthday party, and for some reason, Mary started singing at the top of her voice. I remember being mesmerized by the clarity and power.

Thoughts of my grandfather came tumbling in. How dapper he was (he owned a men’s store in Brooklyn and always looked fresh and crisp); how he loved me; how he didn’t smile much but when he did, his whole face lit up; how he took care of my grandmother; how he lived and died.

Great-Uncle George invented the pogo stick and Great-aunt Francis made the best breakfasts when we stayed at their sprawling house in upstate New York. He twinkled. She laughed.

My grandmother on my dad’s side was very musical. She taught piano and voice and she passed on a love of music to my dad…who passed it on to me.

I felt them all supporting me as I moved forward in my musical life, being the angels I’d felt in the recording studio or when I sang by the bedside for hospice patients. I knew they were there.

I found myself wondering about the difference between ancestors and angels. Is there a difference really? And how should I call upon them? With an invocation, of course:

“Hear me, hear me call you
Hear me, hear me call you...

I call on my ancestors and all of the angels
Show me the way a step a day, please light the path
I’m blessed by my ancestors and all of the angels
Along the way I stop and pray to light the path…”

Of course, it isn’t only MY ancestors who are angels. Yours are too…

Click to listen:

Ancestors & Angels

Ancestors & Angels is on my third album, REACH UP and is available on my website Sandi , for download at CD Baby and iTunes. Also available for your listening pleasure on YouTube, Spotify, Rhapsody, Apple Radio and other streaming services. Please visit my website to learn more about me and my music.  And thanks for listening and sharing the music!

Words & music by Sandi Kimmel

Hear me, hear me call you; Hear me, hear me call you

I call on my ancestors and all of the angels
Show me the way a step a day, please light the path.

I’m blessed by my ancestors and all of the angels
Along the way I stop and pray to light the path.

And take the next logical step
And trust the process
Day by day and breath by breath
The journey unfolds
All is well and timely
For my soul.

Hear me, hear me call you; Hear me, hear me call you

I honor my ancestors and all of the angels
I understand at my command they light the path.

I thank all my ancestors and all of the angels
For all the love sent from above to light on the path.

Take the next logical step
And trust the process
Day by day and breath by breath
The journey unfolds
All is well and timely for my soul. 2x

(They) hear you, hear you call them
Hear you, hear you call them

Just call on your ancestors and all of the angels
They show the way a step a day and light the path

You’re blessed by your ancestors and all of the angels
Along the way just stop and pray to light the path

Then take the next logical step
And trust the process
Day by day and breath by breath
The journey unfolds
All is well and timely for your soul. 2x

© 2006 S. Kimmel, Sandessence Music (BMI)


Cheery Greetings!


December 2018

Dear Friends,

It’s been a while since our last newsletter, and now is the perfect time of year to reach out and catch up.

Patrick continues to create his amazing art, taking photography beyond where it has been before. Layering, sculpting, enhancing images to entice the viewer INTO the piece rather than just seeing it. 

About 30 of his pieces adorn our walls…and line the floor…of the Front Room Gallery. It is here that visitors who have only seen photos of Patrick’s dimensional art all say the same thing: “Wow! These are INCREDIBLE! I really didn’t get the impact from the photos!” True that. It is also here that collectors commission new works. If you (or any of your friends) are anywhere in the neighborhood of Southern California, please stop by! We’d love to show you around the Front Room Gallery.


Patrick also continues to present his story, to local organizations. If you know of a group in need of a great Inspirational Speaker, Patrick would love to light them up. (Hint: It lights HIM up too!)

Meanwhile, Sandi has been busy expanding her creative horizons, exploring exciting new offerings with her talented friend Robbie Adkins. Together, they are finding new ways to combine Robbie's beautiful art, videography and spiritual wisdom with Sandi's songs, stories and (wait for it) spiritual wisdom. Their offerings are Fresh Light.

IMG_6382Soon, Fresh Light will be home to their myriad products and offerings. Stay tuned for details! Until then, please enjoy the first two YouTube videos of Sandi's music with Robbie's videography.

Please subscribe to the YouTube channel to be sure to see all my of the videos as they are created. We'd love to hear from you about anything anytime!

Thank you for letting us be part of your lives. We wish you and your family all the wonder and grace of this sacred season. a wonderful sacred season, complete with heaps of joy and lots of love!

With love,

Sandi & Patrick


New "Morning Light" Video

Good morning! Yes, that's the way to greet the day. Because, after all, no matter what happened yesterday, there's always a new day dawning. When that first ray of light breaks through the darkness, it's good to remember that "In the morning light, the world begins again and everything is new..."


ALZHEIMER'S, CLOWNS & MUSIC - Bringing Joy to the Homebound

  Gitchie 2

A few weeks ago, my friend Peggy visited from New York. We spent some time talking about her 91-year old mom who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's a few years ago. As her mom's world continues to get smaller and smaller because she goes out less and less, Peggy finds ways to bring joy and laughter directly to her mom. And some of her ideas are so great that I wanted to share them here for all of us who are facing the Baby Boomer dilemma of caring for aging parents.

Peggy's mom had been a schoolteacher and was always very creative and fun loving. Naturally, she raised a daughter who is also very creative and fun loving. I call her the CFO - Chief Fun Officer - as she continues to find ways to bring light into her mother's life. For example, she bought her mom a Pancho the Talking Parrot from Publisher’s Clearinghouse that repeats whatever is said. Her mom LOVED having the company! In fact she loved it so much that Peggy found a talking dog and talking bear too! One day, when she arrived at her mom's house, her Mom had put the animals in a circle...and ALL of the animals were talking to each other!

Speaking of animals, there was a recent article in the New York Times about "therapy cats" (mechanical cats that purr and move) helping many dementia patients feel joy again. I recommended the mechanical cats to another daughter of an Alzheimer's patient who RAVED about how it made her mother smile for the first time in a very long time! Petting something furry works wonders. Just ask any Golden Retriever...

Peggy finds ways to continually provide stimulation, amusement, nourishment and love every chance she gets. Recently, she invited some friends and neighbors over and hired a clown to entertain them, make balloon animals and spend some time being silly. And a good time was had by all, including the clown. Another activity involved puppet making with family and friends who happily posed for pictures with their owl and puppy puppets. Yes, that's Peggy's mom with the whole menagerie in front of her.

And let's not forget about the soothing power of music. One day last month, Peg hired a string quartet to play an afternoon concert in the living room, and has booked a Spring concert with singer-songwriter Maria LoBalbo. During our visit, she shared with me that one of the things that helps when she has to drive her mom to appointments is listening to my music in the car.  Of course, that made me very, very happy! I asked her which songs her mom likes the best which led to a few delightful hours going through my four albums selecting the songs her mom's favs. Not surprisingly, they were the songs with an upbeat tempo, repetitive lyrics, uplifting messages and easy-to-sing melodies. There were 21 songs in all, adding up to more than an hour of music.

Below is the list of songs with the name of album in parentheses for use with Alzheimer's and dementia patients...and those who care for them. (Yes, this means you.) All of the songs are available for download on iTunes and CD Baby.  (If you prefer CDs, you can purchase the complete set at CD Baby. Or if you only want the Playlist of these 21 songs, send me a message and I'll burn a CD for you for $9.99)

Thank you (and Peggy) for letting me be a part of your journey…

1.  Take Me Home (Soul Feathers)
2.  Rare Rainy Day (Soul Feathers)
3.  May I (Soul Feathers)
4.  Welcome Home (Soul Feathers)
5.  I Feel Your Grace (Soul Feathers)
6.  Forgiveness (Soul Feathers)
7.  Breathe Deep (Soul Feathers)
8.  Can You Hear Me, Butterfly? (Transitions - Music to Soothe the Soul)
9.  Love (Transitions - Music to Soothe the Soul)
10. Dance With Me, Spirit (Transitions - Music to Soothe the Soul)
11. Ba Ba Black Sheep (Single)
12. Well Being Abounds (Music In My Soul)
13. Easier Road* (Music In My Soul)
14. Our Song (Music In My Soul)
15. Heavenly Union (Music In My Soul)
16. It’s About Joy* (Music In My Soul)
17. My Nature (Reach Up)
18. Breathe (Reach Up)
19. Love Is Light (Reach Up)
20. Ancestors & Angels (Reach Up)
21. Flow (Reach Up)

*All songs by Sandi Kimmel except Easier Road and It's About Joy, co-written with Maria LoBalbo



Ah, words can't do it alone...but MUSIC can! Besides, I never understood why we designate only one day per year to Love! I make a motion to dedicate EVERY day to Love. Nothing else matters anyway...

Here are a few Love songs to lift your spirits today...and every day!



Love Is Light


 If I Could Give You Everything

All songs by Sandi Kimmel

© S. Kimmel, Sandessence Music

All of my music is available on iTunes and CD Baby. You can listen anytime on Spotify, SoundCloudPandora, YouTube and many other internet radio stations. Much Love to you all...






I originally posted this message of this blog a few years ago, but it's every bit as relevant now as it was then. The journey toward self-love is a long and challenging one, but honestly, it's well worth the effort. If not you...who? If not now...when??

Unconditional love starts at home. Because if you don't love you how can you believe someone else when they say they love you? If you've spent any time struggling with your own love-ability and self-esteem because you internalized well-meaning but negative comments, this might seem like an impossible challenge.

But just as Rome wasn't built in a day, re-building a sense of self-love is a process. And just like Rome, it is so worth the effort! Brick by brick, breath by breath, moment by moment, the keys to the city are in your hands. Take these 10 small steps to give your relationship with yourself a boost:

1.  Turn down the volume - on the news, the negative and the noise. (Now more than ever!)
2.  Give yourself enough time to rest. Napping rocks.
3.  Make a promise to yourself… And keep it.
4.  Treat yourself with gentle good humor. Take a long, sweet look in the mirror and see the beauty in your eyes. Wink. Smile.
5.  Forgive yourself for EVERYTHING. You were doing the best you knew how to do at the time that you did it.
6.  Use moisturizer when you get out of the bath or shower. Apply it as if you were putting it on a baby…because you are, in the nicest way.
7.  Ask your inner healer if there are any vitamins or supplements you should be taking. Follow your intuition.
8.  Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers for no special occasion at all. Repeat weekly.
9.  Eat healthier, drink more water, be merrier.
10. Smile often and watch what happens.

And for a special Valentine's Day treat, enjoy Derek Walcott's amazing poem Love After Love:

The time will come
when, with elation
you will greet yourself arriving
at your own door, in your own mirror
and each will smile at the other's welcome,

and say, sit here. Eat.
You will love again the stranger who was your self.
Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart
to itself, to the stranger who has loved you

all your life, whom you ignored
for another, who knows you by heart.
Take down the love letters from the bookshelf,

the photographs, the desperate notes,
peel your own image from the mirror.
Sit. Feast on your life.

Oh, and one more delicious morsel by poet Nayyirah Waheed to encourage you to make Valentine's Day about you:

"and i said to my body. softly. 'i want to be your friend.' it took a long breath. and replied 'i have been waiting my whole life for this."

Besides, who needs flowers or chocolates when you have a loving relationship with your innermost self all year long? Well...OK, a little dark chocolate is good for the heart. 

Do you hear what I hear? It's the sound of water flowing in the Trevi Fountain.  Ah, Rome...


DEEP WINTER - Look Inside


I don't know about you, but I tend to get really, really quiet this time of year. And even though I live in Southern California where winter is hardly a brutal affair, I still feel the tug to stay home, do some thinking and feeling and being, maybe even tackle few annual household chores like cleaning the closets or the Everything Drawer. Journal. Noodle. Nest.

I do my best to honor winter in whatever ways I can, knowing that every season has a reason for being, and deep winter is no exception. Just like we can't see what's happening under the surface outside, every spring, like clockwork, we are treated once again to the grand display of all of the growth that took place in the dark months of winter. Underground. Out of view. (Of course, if you look closely even now, you'll see the signs of what's to come in the swollen buds on winter branches.)

For me, it’s the perfect reminder each year to release any outdated thoughts and well as clothes that I haven't worn or books I finally admit I’ll never read. It’s the time of year to take a closer look at who I’ve been and who I want to be, taking some time to turn the camera around and pointing it on the inside. Taking time to breathe and be, settle in to the short days and long nights to discover even more about my own path.

As above, so below. Inner space is as vast as outer space. Inner work is as important as outer work. Finding the warm embrace of deep winter is one of the most precious gifts of the year.

Look inside…
Look inside
To find the you you're meant to be
Look inside, look inside
To find the key to set you free

Take a breath
Take some time
Let the holding go…

Look Inside

Words by Sandi Kimmel
Music by Thomas Barquee

Look inside, look inside
To find the you you're meant to be
Look inside, look inside
To find the key to set you free

Take a breath, take some time
Let the holding go

The outside world is beckoning
To keep you in the race
There's only one solution
That can help you find your place

Look inside, look inside
To find the key to set you free
Look inside to know
Look inside to grow

The world is full of busy-ness
As we spin our way through space
Our minds are full of chatter on
The pressure and the pace

Take a breath, take some time
Let the holding go
Look inside to know
Look inside to grow

I let it go…
I let it go…
I let it go…
I let it go…

© 2016 T. Barquee & S. Kimmel


Please visit my website to learn more about my music, and my collaboration with Thomas here.  Look Inside is on Thomas's newest album, Moments of Grace. It's available here.

You can listen to lots of other songs anytime on SoundCloud. Thank you for listening and especially for sharing!

About My Blog:
Soul Feathers - wisps of wisdom and tickles of truth, observations and offerings from my heart and music for the soul. We each have a part to play in this great movie, and mine is gently but consistently toss pebbles into the lake of humanity, and watch the ripples make waves.

Soul Feathers is also the name of the album I recorded with producer Thomas Barquee. He artfully elevated the music to a high vibration of love and healing, truly music for these times. Music has the power to move and motivate, soothe and uplift, and these songs and chants support the journey as the music reflects my own journey.

By sharing my perspective, practical spirituality and positive music, it is my intention to release soul-nourishing pebbles in the sea of our emerging consciousness. By sharing this work with other like-minded and like-hearted friends, you become part of the wave.